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You have to come by this weekend and taste it yourself!

By the way, I heard about the “problems” that make you so busy recently. I had been there ...

You may not know, I was once rich, well, very rich, but after one day, I thought I lost everything, all my money in the market ... It was on the top of my office building when I got the call from my broker.

Guess what he said?

No, this is not a movie, what has happened had happened.

However, he did tell me something else that not only save my life, but also change my life:

“I was just informed that one of my client has ..., you know. I had been there before ... I am one of the best here, but, tell you the truth, I know deep in my heart that the only thing I can CONTROL in this world is my LIFE. Sir, you haven't lost everything.”

I stopped immediately, then ran back to my office and called my wife. Her first sentence was “You haven't lost everything!”

Yes, I haven't lost everything. Never had and never will. The past years taught me that as long as I have that something (life) left and in my control, I can always gain and create something else, more and more, day by day.

So this is what I want to tell you: You haven't lost everything!

Get hold of the very only thing you can control, and you will gain and create anything you have lost, things even better, if not the same.

Oh, forget to tell you. It is even more interesting that my broker insisted it was me who made that phone call. I don't remember that, but I guess it is necessary to make some calls and get some good advice, no matter if you think you need it or not.

You know my number. Hope to talk with you more this weekend.


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