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On my 12th birthday, my parents gave me a very special gift: two picture albums. They told me one is called the PAST, and the other one is called the FUTURE. They asked me to put my favorite pictures in the PAST, and imagine what pictures I would like to put in every space of the FUTURE. I would write the description at the bottom of the blank, and try to imagine what the picture would look like. Most of these “pictures” are my childhood dreams - small or big, silly or brilliant, common or special.

As FUTURE become PAST, I keep filling the blanks with a real picture, and adding more FUTURE picture albums. Every time I fill a blank, I feel great joy and satisfaction. Every time I take them out to see, they remind me all those wonderful moments I had before, and all those I am expecting to happen in the future of my life.

My parents also told me that these are magic albums ... I truly believe that, because they did miracles. They help me through the difficult times of my life; they help me make better decisions that brought me and people around happiness; they make me feel thankful to all the wonderful people around me, and value every moment I have with them; they remind me of my beautiful dreams, and driving me toward them ... and most of all, they show me that everything is possible as long as I try.

It is your birthday, I would love to send you two picture albums, and name them PAST and FUTURE. It comes with my best wishes: May them do you miracles. May you always keep some beautiful pictures in your mind.

I see you in my picture, and you are smiling ...


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