Packet 1

“Who don't need help?

At the first moment we come to this world, we need help. And ever since then, we receive help and advice from parents, teachers, doctors, friends, relatives, colleagues, strangers ...

Why we need help? Maybe we should first ask why we shouldn't need help.

Ever since there are human beings, we are grouped by clans. Members of each group working together to hunt, to defend, and to expand. Helping each other in the same community is not only the tradition but also the important reason why we can survive and be so successful compare to other living creatures on earth.

You belong to this big society, so you are not supposed to fight alone.

This seems very simple reasoning that anyone could understand. Great. We all need help, but what if others can not help?

Did you try? How many did you try? And how did you ask for help? You should first describe the problem in detail, then tell people what did you already do to solve the problem, and what's the result, and then ask if they can help or tell them how you think they can help. If they can not, then you should ask if they know who else can help, or give you advices on solving the problem.

Well, we all need help, and there are help available out there within reach, but what if I feel that others just don't understand?

Did you keep telling others that they don't understand but seldom try to explain? After several failure, we tend to create our own world of defense. We try to persuade ourselves that our problem, which only exists in our world, is so complicated and unique. Then we will try to exclude ourselves from the real world in all different ways. However, no matter how hard we try, our world is still living in the real world, which we belong to.

You are not alone. All you need to do is let others enter your world.

Open your heart. You need help, and they are waiting for you to discover.”

He put down the book, stood up, grabbed the cell phone, opened the door, and walked out, leaving the long shadow behind him.




Packet complete




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