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In order to better control the fast evolving robot intelligence, human beings began to train the SIM-NEURON system to believe in The Hu Religion, where human beings are the CREATORS. Since then the purpose of robotic life had been clearly defined as “serving the creators, and support the subsistence of this super-species”.

Reality had shown that modern civilization was far from enough to make us GOD. Abusive events kept happening, and anti-robot activities were overwhelming, while dilemmas like the 7 Eleven Theft Incident creating more confusion. However, it was the Waterworks Massacre that detonated the primer and woke up the self-awareness of the new generation intelligent robots. They began to realize that without life, there would be no “self”, and everything else became meaningless. Everything happened after that was all surprise!

That was the first time in human history when the majority of people believed that all creatures share the same ultimate meaning of life – to survive the worst possible living conditions, to reproduce better generations, and to support the extension and evolution of the same species. And it was also the first time when we learned from the robots that each member is a crucial element to the whole species and that altruism to the other members in the same species and to members from other species is the only direction evolution takes.

No one knows the future for human beings. No matter if we will win or lose, I hope we could always proudly say “I live not for myself, but for the great Human Species!”, and we would never give up the will to survive, to reproduce, and to evolve – the lesson we were taught, ironically, by robots we created!


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