Packet 1

( ... Signal Strength: Very Low ... )

(... Scanning ... )

"Dad, do they have parents?"

"Well, you can regard them as brothers and sisters, and they have the same parents. We call them the galaxies."


"A galaxy is like a big family of hundreds of billions of stars."

"So daddy galaxy kissed mommy galaxy, and then they had a baby star? Just like you and mommy?"

"Mom told you that? ... it is, um, very close." "Stars are formed within molecular clouds. Scientists call it nebula. The formation of a star is often triggered by shockwaves from supernovae ... that is massive explosion of an old star ... or the collision of two galaxies ... um, interestingly similar ..." "Well, don't worry. I know it is difficult for you to understand this right now. You see, this is why you need to learn at school."

"OK, but you just said explosion of an old star ... so stars would die?"

"Oh, sure. Just like us, they would die when they grow old, though they live much longer than us."

"Like a thousand years?"

"Longer than that! They could live for millions to billions of years! It depends on how big they are, and how bright they are. Actually, the bigger and brighter they are, the shorter they live. However, they are all trying their best to shed the brightest light, till they are exhausted. They shine in order to live, and they live simply to shine."

"Dad, are you sure? We live much much shorter than the stars, so ... we are ... bigger and brighter than the star!?"


That child was me, 57 years ago. Don't worry, I will tell you what my father's answer is later.


People keep asking me how I survived ... from those criticisms, from those many failures, from the hopelessness ... You know what, YOU are the answers - my friends, families, colleagues, and most importantly, my father! You are the stars in my life, giving me light, energy, and hope, and keep telling me that I can one day outshine the stars in the sky.

And for those who are as old as me, don't be sad, because, like the stars, the older we get, the brighter we are!

I just know that live broadcast signals of this event is sending to different directions into the universe, so if you, wherever and whoever you are, can hear me now and understand, please go out and look up into the sky. You will see the stars. And here, I will say to you the exact same words my father said to me on that special night:

"You are right, my dear! We are all stars with shorter but more valuable lives. We are bigger, brighter, and we were also born to shine!"

"Never forget who you are, especially in the darkest sky ..."


It is my greatest honor to receive this Prize! Thank you very much!

( ... APPLAUSES ... )


Packet complete




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