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My dear reader, I am writing this letter to you through my BCI (brain-computer interface). I was paralyzed 15 years ago after a suicide attempt. They told me this letter may be able to reach the people at “those days”. I hope by telling you my life through the past 15 years, you will be able to make a wise decision. To be frank with you, I really hope you were me 15 years ago before the “accident” …

My mom always told me that every decision I make could change my life. I never believed so until the day when I “calm down” to think and see – everything changed:

Those I had been worrying about never happened; those impossible came true in many different ways; those I thought hated me keep crying beside my bed; and those I hated stays with me all the time.

Later I found out that the world around me didn’t change at all. It is that the way I look at it changed.


I once tried to make myself sleep in order to escape from my “terrible” life, and I ended up having the worst nightmare – where I can not move, can not see, can not feel … can not simply hold the hand of those I love … I can not control, I can not help … can only let the devil making scars to the world around me.

I really hope this is just a dream, so one day I can wake up … back to my once “terrible” world, where, at least, I AM ABLE to CONTROL, to CHANGE, to LIVE a real life…





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